Drive My Car Home


Drive My Car Home is a chauffeur service that drives people home in their own car. Founded in 2009, the company aims to reduce the number of drink drivers on the roads and making Leicester a safer place.


Company director Vimal Chauhan chose to take part in the internship scheme as the company needed additional resources to cope with increasing demands that new businesses generally face. They needed knowledge in specialist areas so that Mr Chauhan could concentrate on the more strategic side of the business.


Drive My Car Home recruited 6 interns through the Graduate Internship scheme, one of whom joined the business as a Graphic Designer. Rehaan Kaleem (MA Design Innovation) was responsible for working closely with the Web Development intern to Design the company website. Whilst working with the company he provided creative input into the design of the website as well as working on various other design briefs. The company now have a fully functioning website and are still in contact with Rehaan who has now set up his own Graphic Design business.

Benefits to the company

  • Cost effective method of developing the company website
  • The company also saved on recruitment and advertising costs by sourcing a graduate through the internship scheme.
  • New ideas injected into the business though the knowledge and skills of the intern
  • Additional resources for the business without lengthy employment contracts

“The internship program has really helped our business in terms of the resource matter. The enthusiast graduates have come with passion, drive and bring fresh new creative ideas to the table. It’s good to see graduates put what they have learnt from education into real business with guidance from our company. After all, if businesses do invest in today’s graduates during these difficult economic times, we’ll lose a generation of talented graduates which will have more of a negative impact to the economy as a whole later.”

– Vimal Chauhan, Drive My Car Home

Benefits to the graduate

  • The internship provided Rehaan with experience of working to live briefs and gaining experience in the real world
  • This experience encouraged Rehaan to set up his own business sooner than he had planned, Vimal provided him with guidance and business advice which gave him more confidence to proceed with his career goals.
  • Rehaan has built a good working relationship with the company which will enable them to work together on future projects.

"The internship at Drive My Car Home was an excellent experience, giving me the opportunity to put into practice skills I had learnt during my MA in Design Innovation. In a fast-paced environment I had to think on my feet in order to meet deadlines while providing a quality service. I was encouraged to interact directly with the director and other team members in a collaborative environment. This helped hone my communication skills in order to grab attention and communicate complex, often technical, ideas at a level upon which anyone could comprehend. The experiences gained provided me with the insights into the dedication and hard-work required when managing a small business. This has encouraged me to set-up my own graphics design business, now operating within Leicestershire."

– Rehaan Kaleem, MA Design Innovation, De Montfort University.